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Pamela Becker

Mixed Media Monoprint

Pamela is a mixed media monoprint artist, as well as an amazing visualist. Her pieces are contemporary… primitive… mystical. Layered, colorful, textured paintings are created using deep focus and playful risk.

Monoprinting employs a variety of mediums to create a single print from the original printing block. Prints made from a monoprint block must vary either in color or design and are never repeated exactly. Often, a single print is made and additions are made to the printing block before a second print is made. A block’s design and composition may evolve over a number of prints, each one different from from the rest.

Pamela is also an illustrator who has worked on over 15 children’s books. She is talented, open and intensely creative. Her interests are varied and she has studied many art mediums including wooden mask making, myth and movement with Ida Bagus Anom in Mas Bali, Indonesia in 1997. Currently, you will find her “paint(ing) and discover(ing) innovative techniques in printmaking, surface texture, and ceramic mosaics.”

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