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John Douglas Graham

Acrylic on Canvas, Wood & Stone Sculpture John paints in acrylics and has recently found a new love in the carving of alabaster. His colors are vibrant and visionary; communicating the feeling of a time more in harmony with Mother Earth. Born and raised in in the colorful Sonoma County area of Northern California, John’s natural artistic talent has followed a family tradition of artists. That talent, and a fascination with cars, produced drawings of cars that accurately depict specific make, model and year, even at the tender age of 5.

John’s family moved to Seattle, Washington, where he graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in art education. In the early 70’s, John co-founded “Whittleworks”, a custom, handcrafted woodworking business, it was then that he also began painting.

John moved to Sedona in 1987 to take advantage of the inspirational landscape and unparalleled hiking. Many of his colorful, vibrant paintings feature remote hiking locations that are painted without any evidence of human intrusion. John joyfully shares his world… and his vision… in every piece.

In 1992, a tragic accident severed John’s left hand and wrist, but failed to deter him from his art. Come and see what John is working on now!

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