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Joanne Hiscox

Stone, Glass, Mixed Media -“Fractured Furnishings”

SJoanne creates indoor and outdoor architectural features and mosaic artwork featuring stone and glass. Her indoor projects include granite desks and tables inlaid with glass, fused glass and stone channels, glass and mixed media wall art, glass mosaic tables and mosaic vases. Her outdoor art includes glass tile murals and mixed media benches.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Joanne co-founded a successful technical consulting company, devoted the next 20 years to its growth and retired early.

During those “corporate years”, Joanne’s creative side was stimulated through extensive worldwide travel with her husband, soaking up cultural designs, styles and world famous works of art. The melding of colors and textures became a key part of her artistic palette.

Now, able to devote all of her attention to her art, Joanne is a contributing editor for GLASScraftsman Magazine and a member of the teaching faculty at the Sedona Art Center. Her award-winning work is shown at the Sedona Arts Center, El Presidio Gallery in Tuscon and graces many private homes in Sedona and across the country. See her work also on her website.

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