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Gary A. Grenier


Gary’s love of nature came naturually as he grew up on the water and in the forests of Michigan. The day he graduated from college, he and two friends headed west to the Grand Canyon and he immediately fell in love with the “American West.”

A few years later Gary began his photographic career with his first camera, a Pentax K1000. He took mail-order classes, college classes, read every photography book and magazine imaginable and studied famous photographers. Gary credits his friends and mentors for teaching him the most about photography, through their instruction, experience and trial and error.

Gary says he has yet to find a uniquely personal style of his own, but lets the landscape dictate its own desires.

” I enjoy B & W as well as color. I still use film and haven’t made the jump to digital yet. Medium format film has produced my most outstanding Southwestern photos, while 35mm B & W has been my favorite for capturing people… in those special “Kodak Moment” portraits”.

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