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Clare Licher

Oil Paintings on Canvas and Giclee Prints “Clare Licher has been painting for 30 years and has shown in galleries in Sedona and Northern California. Her land and sky scapes are largely inspired by the beautiful monsoon sunsets of the Southwest. Clare began traveling extensively in the 1980’s, collecting interesting materials and painting watercolor abstracts in countries across the globe. Her artistic explorations focused on color relationships, form and composition; usually without any literal external imagery.

In 1991, Clare moved to Arizona, where her interest in landscape painting blossomed. Her initial attempts, however, were still fairly abstract. It wasn’t until 1994, when she moved to Sedona and became a mother, that her work dramatically changed. As she became more grounded, she began to look more carefully at her environment and her life.

“Landscape painting has deepened my connection to this place. It has also trained my eye to see subtleties of color and light that I could not see before. I feel blessed to be living here, where the landscape is so beautiful, intense, and in many places, still unspoiled. I also find the monsoon sunsets to be perpetually inspiring”.

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